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Other really cute things you can make with embroidery thread!


So it's been a weird few months hasn't it! I'm thrilled to see how many people have taken up cross stitch and embroidery whilst on lockdown and hopefully will carry this on as it's so relaxing and such a lovely thing to do.

I've had some great feedback from first time cross stitches, here are a few:

Back to the topic at hand 🙂 I've got lots of embroidery thread hanging around here at little beach hut HQ so I thought I'd see what else can be made using it and I wasn't disappointed with what I found!

Here are my 10 best uses for embroidery Thread:

Lovely leaf tassels

These are my absolute favorite! They can be used in so many ways, as earrings, on a bag, as a keyring, you can even add them to soft furnishings, cushions or curtains to create a real Boho look.

I like how you can have lots of colours to make it stripey or two or three blocks of colour to make a contrasting leaf for a more simple look or just pick your favourite one colour.

They're just so cute!

Knotted bracelet trio

A unique take on the friendship bracelet, we all remember making those at school with the embroidery thread or wool and pinning the knot to our jeans with a safety pin... good times ☺

I like how this one is split into three colours which join at the end with a cute plait, it definitely makes it look a bit more grown up and sophisticated. They are so quick and easy to make you could make a set in a few different colours to go with your favorite tops and bags.

Image and instructions are from Beebeecraft on Pinterest

Plant pot decoration

The boho trend is very popular at the moment and there are so many of these succulent and cacti images around, this little knot and tassel decoration is just perfect, I know the one in the photo is made with wool but it would be great with embroidery thread too so i think it counts.

Instructions on how to make the tassels with a fork coming up a bit later.

Mini loom

How cute is this! I was thinking about what this could be used for, it's all very well making these cute little things but you want to have an end purpose in mind don't you, again I know they have used tapestry wool but embroidery thread would look amazing.

Here are my ideas:

Stick it onto a plain card with double sided sticky tape and add and stamped message below like happy birthday or just hello.

Stick it onto the top of a little gift box.

Make a really wide one and wrap it round a bottle or jar to put some flowers in.

Use it as a rug or bed throw for a child's doll house.

Wrapped bangles

These are so lovely! So all you need to do is go to your local value clothing shop or charity shop or you could just use a bangle you have at home that you're a bit bored of, upcycling is so satisfying isn't it!

You can see in the photo they have wrapped some around some glasses too. When you get bored of the colours or they start to look dull you can just unwrap and do it again!

I love the tassels and beads they have added too.

Mini fork tassels

If you are looking at the other ideas and are wandering how to make the tassels really quickly and easily here is how! You can click on the link to see the original source but the picture does show you how to do it, it looks very easy to me :)

See image below to make these!

Rainbow charms

So cute! I like how these look quire rustic so if you're making one and you're worried you might run out of thread soon you can see they have made a feature out of this and just tied little knots which are visible and really add to the handmade shabby chic appeal.

The little lobster clasps can be bought from ebay and Etsy cheaply or you could dig out an old key-ring to use instead.

Wrapped tassels

These are a lovely way to enhance the normal tassel and take it to the next level.

They would make beautiful earrings, you can get the earring findings on Etsy and Ebay and pop them on some of those.

As with the leaf tassels at the beginning they would look perfect in home decor aswell!

Dorset buttons

Slightly biased as I live in Dorset, so I've seen these at a lot of craft fairs and out and about, there are so many different ways you can make these and so many different things you can do with them, have a look on Pinterest and you will see what i mean.

Here's a pic which shows you how to make a Dorset button but you can interpret this in lots of ways and use as many colours as you like.

If you make a few of these you can sew them together and make a bangle style bracelet and add a clasp.

Bead and tassel earrings

These are so simple and this style of large earring is very popular at the moment, you can use beads you have hanging around the house or get them from a charity shop or craft shop, the larger wooden beads tend to be in the kids craft bit so have a look there for some bright colors for a contrast or unfinished wooden beads for a more natural look.

I hope you had fun looking at all these cute projects and as always if you'd like to share your photos with me please do, I love to see them!

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