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So at the moment these images will take you to my Etsy shop where you can purchase a digital download of one of my patterns, you will receive:

1)  Little beach hut beginners guide to cross stitch with hints and tips.

2) The colour pattern with key section.

3)  Image of the completed design to refer to.

Just click on the images below to buy the patterns on Etsy x

A little note...

If you are in the EU you will be subject to a 20% tax on digital downloads, this is automatically added on when you are looking at my shop.

otterly in love PDF pattern - £3
Axolotl PDF pattern
Little Narwhal
Sleepy Mouse £2
Jeremy Jellyfish £3
Phillip Llama PDF pattern - £3
Sleepy Fox PDF pattern - £3
Little kingfisher PDF pattern
Butterfly pattern
Little robin PDF pattern
Otter Family PDF Pattern - £3
Map of the woods PDF pattern
Oh Deer PDF pattern - £3
Bumble Bee PDF Pattern - £1.75
Turtley In Love PDF Pattern - £3
Puffin Compares to you PDF - £3
Dream catcher PDF Pattern - £3
No Bunny Compares PDF - £3
Tooth Beary PDF Pattern - £3
Good Morning Sunshine PDF - £3
Otter Family PDF Pattern - £3
Every Cloud PDF Pattern - £3
My Garden PDF Pattern - £4
Festive Sausage PDF Pattern - £2.50
Perfect Together PDF Pattern - £3
Selfie Cats PDF Patterns - £4
Baby Girl PDF Pattern - £1.50
Blue Fly PDF Pattern - £1.75
Sun and Cloud PDF Patterns - £2.50
Dream Big Little One PDF £3
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