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Narwhals are just the best aren't they! I was talking to someone the other day and they thought narwhals were mythical creatures, I had to get some pictures on google to show them they actually exist ... for real!

I've seen a lot of really cool items so i'm going to have a proper root around and find my top 10 narwhal things!

Enjoy :)

So simple, I love the shape of the narwhal's little body and the rich inky blue colour.

I think it would be great to have a pack of these in the cupboard to give to people as and when for little notes and birthday cards.

Aw look at him! and the packaging is cute as well isn't it, he would make a cute addition to a denim jacket or on a bag.

Well these are the cutest and I like how they are made of wood as most kids eat matching games don't they, matching games were part of my childrens' diet when they were toddlers and it would have taken them a long time to munch through these.

What a beautiful colour and I absolutely love the geometric patterns within the narwhals,

I think these would be good for making a bag or to use in a small area of interior decor like inside a glass door or maybe just in a frame. I also love how peaceful they look :)

So beautiful! I love how every inch of space is filled with pattern, the colours are great too.

I would feel happy seeing this every day in my bathroom or downstairs loo.

So much fun! I love the colours in these and the little stars and rosey cheeks, it just makes me feel happy.

Kids will adore it and adults too :D

So simple but very effective and what a stunning contrast of colour! I'm loving mustard yellow and navy at the moment, It would be good to have a set of 3 of these matched with some different sea animals framed in a kid's bedroom .

I can't resist a bit of amigurumi! This pattern doesn't look too difficult and the result is very cute. I reckon if you used a ball of wool which changes colour throughout like ombre it would blend really nicely and no need to keep changing colour!

These are just beautiful, some Christmas wrap can be quite tacky right! but these are so classy, I would love to receive a present wrapped in one of these, I would probably take the tape off really carefully and keep it for ever squirreled away in a cupboard :)

Well he's just a fluffy little tiny bundle isn't he! I feel like I can feel how fluffy he is through the screen. Imagine if you received this in the post and saw his gorgeous little face staring up at you, you would know for sure that someone loves you very much :)

If you fancy doing a little narwhal cross stitch how can I leave you without showing you my little narwhal, he's available as a kit or downloadable PDF.

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