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Beautiful scissors! ✂

Sooo I decided before Christmas to add some scissors to my shop so people can add them to their kits, they seem to be working really well for gifts aswell as they just add a little something and make the whole package more "giftable" 

Before I go on, the scissors are exclusive to my etsy shop... 

On the side there is a section you can click on "pretty scissors" to see all of them. 

It's impossible to keep up with stock levels if I sell them on all my platforms and I'm not great with numbers 😄

I spotted these gorgeous flower scissors in December and they sold out immediately! I even had people emailing me asking where they had gone when they went out of stock 😳

I've got lots in now and I'm looking at some more options which is a lot of fun as Im a little obsessed with finding beautiful and unusual scissors. 

Thank you for reading! 

I will keep you updated as I add more and as always if you have any questions or requests do let me know, I'm here to help! 

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