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When I fell in love with cross stitch again 🙂

Hello there!  

I thought I would tell you how I came up with the idea of designing cross stitch patterns... and first of all how I started doing cross stich again after a very long time. 

3 and a half years ago I found it I was going to have twin babies!!! 😲

Here they are.... 

One appears to be eating a really long strawberry lace...  but she decided to leave it behind. 

I thought it would be cool to make them a cross stitch as I knew I would be stuck at home for a while and did a lot of cross stitch when I was a teenager so I was quite fast at it. 

I had a look on Etsy and Google and a few shops and I was surprised how old fashioned they were... Bears and flowers, bows and trains, the occasional elephant. Bla bla. 

Then I came a cross this lovely one by

"SODA stitch"  

I bought a kit from a great etsy shop 

Link below 🙂

SODA stitch (the designer)  has a lovely Instagram feed,  I've seen this bakery design recently which is extremely cute!

Back to my alphabet one... 

To make it really special I took the letters from the text within the design and created a row at the bottom with their names and dates of birth. I made the numbers by looking at the shapes the letters make and recreating that with the numbers I needed and I love it to bits! 

It's hanging in their bedroom as we speak. 

Here they are at a few weeks old 🙈 peek a boo! 

I don't think they have noticed their cross stitch yet but I'm sure they will love it one day. 

After I had been at home with them for a few weeks I started to wander how easy it would be to design my own cross stitch patterns... But I will talk about that next time. 

Thank you for reading! 


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